It’s easier than I thought!

Writing a Master’s thesis, that is. I was really anxious before I started the process, before I figured out what I wanted to do. But the further I get and the more I write, the easier it has become.  It’s a strange sensation. Dear I say it… I almost enjoy doing research. Almost. Not enough to continue as a postgraduate, though. Definitely not that much! Continue reading

The First (and Hopefully Last) Bridal Meltdown

When we got engaged (no, even before that) I swore I wouldn’t become one of ”those brides”. You know, one of those that cry over every little thing, lose their temper, and are simply horrible to everyone around them. A bridezilla, if you will. And I have been that bride. I don’t care about flowers or the color of my candles or save-the-dates or my hair or makeup or even the dress. I’m not like that normally, so I’m definitely not going to start being like that when planning a wedding. Continue reading

Christmas & Random Ramblings 

Christmas went by so incredibly quickly this year. But unlike in the past couple of years, I wasn’t sad it’s over or sad this year’s coming to a close. I had a wonderful time and got to get away from everything. For a few days I didn’t really think about my studies, my Master’s thesis, exams or the stress of trying to find a job in the spring. I just enjoyed spending time with first my family and then Simo’s family. It’s lovely to see how well he fits into my family and I into his. It’s great that we had a few daysto hang out with everyone.

I got so many amazing presents, too. The best one was, obviously, spending Christmas with Simo. In the past we’ve always gone our separate ways for Christmas, but this time we really wanted to spend the whole Christmas together. I was gone for five months this year, so we’re making up for lost time. The second best gift was from Simo’s godson, who asked me if I could be his godmother after Simo and I get married next October. I said yes, of course!

Even though I haven’t actually worked on my thesis during Christmas, it has been nagging in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. I guess it’s good to be processing things but I’m glad I now have time to actually write something. I let the thesis slide before Christmas because I was studying for that stupid information studies exam on gamification. And not a single question about gamification in the whole exam! What’s that about? I did well on two of the questions, but the third I failed (I ran out of time and didn’t read that particular chapter, what can you do), so I flunked the whole exam. I guess I’ll just have to retake it. Next week. Or maybe the week after… It’s the first exam ever I’ve had to retake! I think it’s kind of funny, seeing that this may very well be my last year as a student.

Look at me, rambling on about my studies. Sorry about that! My point is that I had an awesome Christmas, I hope yours was lovely too, and I hope you now have rested and have the energy to do the things you want to do next year.

The Thesis Unease

This year will be my sixth and last at the uni. At least that’s the plan. I have a couple of courses to study and my master’s thesis (dissertation, whichever word you want to use) to write. I’m not worried about the courses, because I’m a pretty good student if I do say so myself. The thesis is another matter entirely.

Continue reading

On being nice

I like to think I was a helpful, kind, caring person as a kid. I wanted to grow up to be a nice person, like the women in the novels I read as a girl. But then I became a teenager, moved from the little town I grew up in to Helsinki, went to high school, and experienced all kinds of stuff, good and bad. And I learned that being nice was not considered cool. That by being nice, I would become a stepping stone. I lost a bit of my innocence and started acting the way I saw others acting around me. “But all teenagers do”, you may say. No, they don’t. And the worst part is some people continue to act that way as adults, too. Continue reading

Three months down, two to go

I’ve lived in London for three months. Three months! I can’t believe it.

I spent all of May learning the ropes at the office, getting to know my way around London, seeing sights and getting accustomed to my life here. Sitting in parks on sunny days and learning about the different types of rain they have. ‘Cause there are a lot, trust me… I was slowly taking it all in and adjusting. And it was overwhelmingly wonderful!

And then June came and it was a rollercoaster. I was happy and then I was miserable and then I was happy and then miserable again. I missed home. Like a lot. It seemed like time wasn’t moving forward at all and I was doubting my decision to come here. What was I thinking when I decided to take on this internship?! Why the heck did I leave home, my boyfriend, my family, my cats… Like I said, it was hard. Continue reading